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It is the evening of the 10th January 2006 and we have arrived in Tahiti. We have no problems at the airport because it is part of French Polynesia which is a protectorate, we don't require a visa being EU citizens. We take a taxi to our hotel which is just a couple of kilometres away. Daddy has said that everything will be very expensive here and he is right because the 5 minute taxi drive costs $20. The hotel is very nice and we have a room overlooking lawns and the tennis courts. We all go to bed because it is almost midnight. We are also a little disorientated because after crossing the international date line we have arrived here the day before we left New Zealand.

We haven't planned to do much here in Tahiti except enjoy the lovely hotel and swim with the fish. Our hotel has a lagoon which is full of tropical fish. At 15:00 each day the fish are fed and I go and help. One of the hotel staff brings a big bag of Tuna and we break it up into pieces and hand feed the fish while they nibble our toes. There are several big sting ray in the lagoon and they come right up to be fed. You have to be careful because they have bony mouths and can hurt your hands.

That evening there is a BBQ and show in our hotel so we go and watch. We are right at the front and have a brilliant view. It is a traditional Polynesian show and very similar to what we saw in New Zealand.

On the 14th January we are up early to catch the ferry ($8) across to the Island of Moorea. We pack and have breakfast then arrange for the porter to store our bags while we are away for a couple of days. We catch a truck into Papeete to the ferry dock and are an hour early so we have a walk around the market and stop for a drink. We catch the 12:15 fast cat which takes around 30 mins. We are met at the ferry dock in Moorea and taken to our hotel. The room in this hotel is much nicer because it is a little bungalow all to ourselves. Mummy and daddy rush us out of our room without unpacking and we walk down to the pool and another lagoon. I don't know what the rush is about but mummy has said that there is a fantastic surprise waiting for us.

And there was.!!! What a wonderful experience for us all. We were with the dolphin and a trainer explaining all about the creatures. The Dolphin's name was Lokahi and the trainer taught me how to command it to do tricks. I made it do big jumps and backwards flips.

On the 16th January we have to return to Tahiti. We don't need to leave this hotel until the afternoon so we check out of our room and then arrange two kayaks for us to use to paddle out to the reef offshore. Yesterday we met an Australian family and their daughter Lauran is 6 today. All of us paddle out on the two kayaks to see the rays. Today there isn’t anyone feeding the sharks but they are still around and we all have a fantastic experience swimming with ‘free’ sharks and rays. I managed to have a ride on a ray but had to come up for a breath. It really was brilliant to swim with the rays and hold on to them while they towed me around.

We leave the hotel by taxi at 14:00 and drive to the ferry to catch the 15:00 to Papeete. All goes as planned and we arrive just after 15:30. Mummy buys some small shells on the sea front and we head off to the truck stop for the ride to the hotel. When we get back to the hotel we have a quick swim then go to bed.

The last couple of days in Tahiti are spent swimming in the pools and lagoon and chatting with friends we have met while we have been here. Lauran and her parents come over to Tahiti and we play with the turtles and swim with the fish. Soon we have to move on to Easter Island and Lauran has to go back to Australia. Tahiti and Moorea were lovely. It was brilliant to swim with Lokahi the dolphin - what a wonderful surprise.

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