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Dubai is the first stop on our world travel. We land at 08:00 on the 4th September 2005 and take a taxi to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. We have never stayed in this hotel before but it is really nice. Mummy said that we will start off our holiday in luxury then descend to a much lesser class of establishment. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is adjacent to Wild Wadi which is a fantastic water park and we get entry included with the room rate. We arrived at the hotel around 10:00 but check in is 14:00. Daddy is given a mobile phone and we are taken to an 'early arrivals' restaurant for breakfast while we wait for a room. Ours was ready by 11:30 and what a wonderful room it is - the view is fabulous and the bathroom all glass units which mummy really likes.

We spend our first afternoon by the pools then eat dinner in our room. We are all pretty tired so get an early night.

We are only in Dubai for 4 days and spend each day by the pools and at Wild Wadi. The hotel is fantastic and has 22 restaurants - all open for breakfast as well. They bring round free ice lollies and cucumber for mummy's eyes by the pool all day. There is a really deep pool for diving practice and also a kids club where I learn some life saving techniques.

This is a picture from the top of the giant slide daddy went down

So lots of swimming and playing in the water park. We went to the beach and collected shells and also had a swim but the sea water is really hot - 38c - so you can't swim for too long. In the evenings we walked, or took a golf cart - down to the restaurant at the harbour and played Jenga and chess.


World Map

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