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On the 7th December 2005 we leave Rod in Bangkok because he is off to Pattaya, and fly to Bali via Singapore. We have a couple of hours to spend in Singapore airport - which even has an outdoor swimming pool on the roof!!

Daddy has booked a room at the Dynasty Resort Hotel in Bali - no connection with the Dynasty in Bangkok, and he said there is a good kid's club there. We are met at the airport in Denpasar by Arthur who works at the hotel and he drives us to the hotel and takes us to our room.

There is a lovely surprise for me when we reach our room - I have my own 'room within a room' with bunk beds, my own TV and a play station.

We originally had plans to travel the island in the same way that mummy and daddy did all those years ago but decided to stay at the Dynasty throughout in the end. I went to Kids club and met some friends on the first day. They are Ruby, Jett (twins) and Eli (their older brother). The kid's club is brilliant and the supervisors help us make things, take us to the beach to collect shells and crabs and stuff, and we search for frogs in the bushes and have races with them. There is a big slide by the pool which we use and we play water games as well.

I pretty much move in with my friends. We spend each day together swimming and doing other stuff and at night I sleepover in their room. This gives mummy and daddy some time to themselves. They chat with Jodi, my friends mum, and swim in the pool all day. It is quite hot but there is also heavy rain at times. The supervisors organise lots of activities for us to do each day. The hotel is almost empty of tourists - and so is the rest of Bali - because of the bombs that went of last month.

Sometimes in the evening we all go along the road for dinner or walk along the beach to a children's play area. There is a guy that sells huge sea shells on the beach. I am good at bartering a price now and Ruby comes along to help me. The money here is really amazing - £1 is equal to 17324 Rupiah so it is quite difficult to convert.

Daddy didn't take many photographs while we were here but I did get a fantastic present from Jodi to remember my stay in Bali. She compiled a DVD of loads of photographs and video clips of me and my friends and all the different things we got up to. I keep it safely in my bedroom to show my friends in England.

Here are a few pictures from our stay.

We stayed in Bali until the 17th December 2005. What a fantastic time and brilliant friends. It was very sad for us all to leave and we couldn't help crying a little bit.


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